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Historic Sites Listed on the State and
National Registers of Historic Places

Alward Farm House

(Chimney Ash Farm)
1 Chimney Ash Farm Road
Basking Ridge, NJ  07920

One of the few colonial era farmhouses in Bernards Township.  It represents the simple and primitive lifestyle of early settlers.  The lines of the building are essentially unchanged since the mid-18th century when it as constructed.  Built c.1740, it was one of the first structures in Bernards Township and it continues to serve as a private residence.  Entered on the State Register, 02/05/1986 and National Register, 03/13/1986.

Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church

1 E. Oak Street
Basking Ridge, NJ  07920

Greek Revival style church built in 1839 and its exterior has been altered very little since its consruction.  A stately white oak tree over 600 years old used to stand in the churchyard where 35 Revolutionary War veterans are buried.  Sanctuary, church yard and tree entered on the State Register, 10/24/1974 and National Register, 12/31/1974.

Boudinot/Southard Farmstead

135 North Maple Avenue
Basking Ridge, NJ  07920

The present house was initially constructed in the early 19th century and is a fine example of an early vernacular farmhouse that was carefully modified by a series of well to do owners during the first half of the 20th century to yeild the present Colonial Revival country house.  Elias Boudinot, signer of the Treaty of Paris (which ended the American Revolution) and member of the US House of Representatives and Director of the United States Mint was an owner as was Samuel Southard, US Senator, Secretary of the Navy and acting Vice President under President Tyler.  The property is maintained by the Somerset County Park Commission.  Enterd on the State Register, 09/11/2009 and National Register, 12/18/2009.  


Coffee House

(Turner Homestead)
214 N. Maple Avenue
Basking Ridge, NJ  07920

Built in 1804, the house is an example of a New Jersey frame farmhouse which later served as a crossroads tavern, meeting place and stage coach route.  This house continues as a private residence.  Entered in the State Register, 03/28/1977 and the National Register, 11/07/1977. 


Kennedy-Martin-Stelle Farmstead

450 King George Road
Basking Ridge, NJ  07920

Built between 1750 and 1840, the Farmstead and three historic agricultural structures are part of Old Farmstead Park, a 36.5 acre property along the Passaic River.  The Farmstead's buildings are early examples of English and modified Dutch framing.  The Farmstead is site of a classical school founded by the Rev. Samuel Kennedy; later relocated several times and finally housed in the Brick Academy.  The 1740 home was also residence of founding father of State of NJ, Col. Ephraim Martin.  Later home of prominent Stelle landowners.  Property in agricultural use for more than 250 years.  Other buildings include large English barn and wagon barn.  Property maintained by The Friends of the Kennedy-Martin-Stelle Farmstead.  Entered on the State Register, 06/09/2003 and the National Register, 05/05/2004. 

Lyons Train Station

Cross Road
Basking Ridge, NJ  07920

This one-story Tudaor Revival and Mission Revival style structure was built in 1931 and was the last station built on the Gladstone Branch of the train line.  It is now owned by Bernards Township. Entered on the State Register, 03/17/1984 and the National Registrer, 06/22/1984.   

Lord Stirling Manor Site

96 Lord Stirling Road
Basking Ridge, NJ  07920

Two brick buildings are all that remain of the Lord Stirling/William Alexander estate.  Research has established these were auxiliary buildings related to farm life (granary, farm office, perhaps used by domestic servants). Archeological digs are ongoing on site which is owned by the Somerset County Park Commission.  Entered on the State Register, 12/01/1976 and on the National Register, 05/22/1978.


The (Brick) Academy

15 W. Oak Street
Basking Ridge, NJ  07920

Originally built to house the Basking Ridge Classical School in 1809.  It is representative of the numerous classical seminaries created in New Jersey for educating the male children of wealthy citizens of the state.  This is the oldest existing Federal style building in Bernards Township; it was Public School District #12 from 1852-1903; it then was a union hall and served as the municipal building 1924-1975.  It is the present home of The Historical Society of Somerset Hills and contains a research room/library and museum.  Entered on the State Registry, 11/12/1975 and the National Registry, 07/21/1976.