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Public Works

  • The Department of Public Works is an organization that provides services, as per our mission statement, for the residents of the Township, the public in general as well as the other municipal departments and agencies. Most services can be characterized as maintenance or support activities.
  • The Public Works Department, through its employees, provides for the delivery of high quality, cost effective, efficient, safe services involving public infrastructure and facilities to enhance the quality of life in Bernards Township.
  • This is accomplished through:
    • Management of basic public services such as rights-of-way, thoroughfares and other public facilities including streets, drainage ways, recycling, solid waste collection, lighting, street marking, signage, building maintenance, vehicle maintenance. 
    • Planning for the future of the above facilities.
    • Leadership committed to provide a quality local environment through innovative management practices, the use of the best available technology, and teamwork.

Public Works Divisions

Road Division

The Road Division is comprised of 18 employees and is responsible for maintenance of all Township roadways and drainage infrastructure which includes 113 miles of roads, 81 miles of sidewalks/paths, over 4,000 drainage structures, 400 drainage outfalls, miles of underground drainage pipe, curbs, guide rails, trees and other vegetation, and 1,000's of signs and pavement markings.  Additionally the Road Division is responsible for landscape maintenance at certain Township properties, staffing and operation of the Pill Hill Recycling Center and is the lead division responsible for Snow & Ice operations.

Maintenance activities performed by the Road Division include: filling potholes, asphalt/pavement repairs & patching, crack sealing, inspection, cleaning and repair of drainage structures, street sweeping, tree trimming/removal, curb repairs, sidewalk/path repairs, mowing of roadsides, traffic islands and properties, replacement and installation of traffic and street name signs, transporting recycling/disposal items from Pill Hill and processing of vegetative/wood waste.

Other Services

Adopt A Road

In an effort to keep our roads and public areas more attractive and safe, Bernards Township participates in the State funded Clean Communities Program. As part of this, the Mayor and Township Committee recently established the Adopt-A-Road program.

The Adopt-A-Road program allows organizations and individuals to join the Township in producing safe, attractive, litter-free roadways within our communities. The organizations help teach their groups about a clean community as well as lowering the cost of litter removal by the Township.

This waste management strategy can also be made available to groups that wish to clean up public property other than Township roads. For example, groups may choose to clean a stream or drainage way. Township parks, open spaces and Green Acre parcels are other examples of public land that may be adopted.

In return for services, Bernards Township will fabricate and erect a sign that identifies the program and organization adopting an area or road. To find out more and enlist your organization or club, email us or call the Public Works Department @ 908.204.3084.