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8:30 - 4:30

(908) 766-2510

1 Collyer Lane
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

Public Works


Engineering Services Building
277 South Maple Avenue
Basking Ridge, NJ


7:00AM - 4:00PM
Monday - Friday


Ryan Wallace, CPWM
DPW Supervisor 
(908) 204-3084
Administrative Coordinator
(908) 204-3084 
Administrative Assistant
(908) 204-3084 
DPW Project Coordinator
(908) 204-2512

Pill Hill Recycling Center

Pill Hill Road
between Mt. Airy Road and Meeker Road
8AM - 4PM, November through March
8AM  - 5PM April through October.
12PM - 4PM April, May, June, October and November

Public Works

  • The Department of Public Works is an organization that provides services, as per our mission statement, for the residents of the Township, the public in general as well as the other municipal departments and agencies. Most services can be characterized as maintenance or support activities.
  • The Public Works Department, through its employees, provides for the delivery of high quality, cost effective, efficient, safe services involving public infrastructure and facilities to enhance the quality of life in Bernards Township. This is accomplished through:
    • Management of basic public services such as rights-of-way, thoroughfares and other public facilities including streets, drainage ways, recycling, solid waste collection, lighting, street marking, signage, building maintenance, vehicle maintenance;
    • Planning for the future of the above facilities;
    • Leadership committed to provide a quality local environment through innovative management practices, the use of the best available technology, and teamwork.

Pill Hill Recycling Center

Property Owners with the following  Bernards Township Tax Codes, 2, 3A & 4C,  may obtain the Pill Hill Electronic permit for use at the Pill Hill Recycling Center. The permits will be issued 7:00AM - 4:00PM, Monday - Friday at the Bernards Township Public Works Office located at 277 South Maple Ave,  Basking Ridge. Proof of Ownership must be presented at the time the permit is obtained. Permit Cards are linked to the property owners block and lot and will be automatically renewed in January. Permit Cards will be automatically voided once the Property is sold.

Permit Cards may be issued to renters upon proof the property owner authorized such transmittal, call Department of Public Works Office @ 908-204-3084 for specifics.

Only one permit card will be issued per Block & Lot, no exceptions.

All residents must possess and present their permit card to enter the facility. No commercial vehicles will be allowed except those owned by the resident. Vehicles larger than a pickup are not allowed nor are commercial vehicles. (Exception: A commercial vehicle registered in the name and address of a private resident for their personal use; no commercial usage.)

Pill Hill Credits & Fees

The permit card is good for four (4) Credits. The minimum number of Credits charged for a visit will be one. A sample schedule follows:

A. Car or Station Wagon = One Credit Used
B. MiniVan, Small Trailer = Two Credits Used
C. Small Pickup = Two Credits Used
D. Full Size Pickups = Four Credits Used

Partial credits may be charged for B, C or D above if, in the determination of the gate attendant, the material delivered constitutes half or less of the capacity of the vehicle (i.e. a half full pickup may be charged two credits instead of four based upon the attendant's estimate). 

No credits are charged for the following goods:

  • Aluminum Cans
  • Aluminum & non-ferrous scrap
  • Computer, high grade white and mixed office paper
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Glass containers
  • Heavy iron
  • Newsprint
  • Plastic containers such as soda bottles
  • Tires ($5 charge, $10 with rim)
  • White goods & light iron
  • Computers and Electronics
  • TV’s ($16.00 charge has been waived until further notice)

Auto & light truck tires without rims will be accepted at a cost of $5 per tire; any tire with a rim will cost $10. No heavy truck or equipment tires will be accepted.

Additional credits may be purchased at the Pill Hill Facility. Current cost is $60 per credit.  Lost cards will be replaced on a fee basis of $20.00.  Payment must be made by check to Bernards Township.

Other Services

Adopt A Road

In an effort to keep our roads and public areas more attractive and safe, Bernards Township participates in the State funded Clean Communities Program. As part of this, the Mayor and Township Committee recently established the Adopt-A-Road program.

The Adopt-A-Road program allows organizations and individuals to join the Township in producing safe, attractive, litter-free roadways within our communities. The organizations help teach their groups about a clean community as well as lowering the cost of litter removal by the Township.

This waste management strategy can also be made available to groups that wish to clean up public property other than Township roads. For example, groups may choose to clean a stream or drainage way. Township parks, open spaces and Green Acre parcels are other examples of public land that may be adopted.

In return for services, Bernards Township will fabricate and erect a sign that identifies the program and organization adopting an area or road. To find out more and enlist your organization or club, email us or call the Public Works Department @ 908.204.3084.