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Affordable Housing

Under the guidelines of the Coalition on Affordable Housing (COAH), The Bernards Township Affordable Housing program is administered through the Central Jersey Housing Resource Center (CJHRC). The Affordable Housing program consists of 258 units. There are 53 Rentals; 5 very low income, 21 low income and 27 moderate income, available in one, two and three bedrooms. For purchase there are a total of 205 units; 45 low and 160 moderate income, they are available in studio, one, two and three bedrooms.

The income levels listed are the maximum income levels allowed by COAH. If your household income is higher than the amount listed, you do not qualify for Affordable Housing. These numbers do change each year.

  • One Person - $81,872
  • Two Person - $93,568
  • Three Person - $105,264
  • Four Person - $116,960
  • Five Person - $126,317

The process starts by completing an Affordable Housing application available through Central Jersey Housing Resource Center (CJHRC). Contact CJHRC at www.cjhrc.org  or 908-446-0036 for applications and details on rentals and resale units in Bernards Township. Once an application is approved, your name is added to a waiting list based on income and family size. When a unit becomes available, either for rent or purchase, all candidates on the wait list are put into a lottery. The person that is picked will receive a letter offering them the opportunity to rent/purchase the unit.