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Environmental Commission

Environmental Commission Tip - Invasive Species! 

GSWA 2024 Native Plant Sale is LIVE!  - Plant Ordering is Closed.

Environmental Commission Tip - Recycle Solar Glasses! Due to the high volume of returns, the program has been paused. 

The Bernards Township Environmental Commission is responsible for ensuring that environmental issues in Bernards Township are given the right priority in order to protect and preserve natural resources of the town and surrounding areas including:  land, water, air, and bios (flora and fauna).

The Commission accomplishes it's mission through:

  • Taking proactive stances on local environmental matters, and strengthening the local planning process;
  • Coordinating rational, balanced reviews of development applications for the appropriate township bodies;
  • Increasing public awareness and understanding of local and regional environmental issues;
  • Keeping abreast of, and involvement in, as appropriate, issues in surrounding areas and communities.

Reduce your climate impact today in Bernard's Township!

We all contribute to global warming when we do things like heat and cool our homes, drive our cars, and fly on airplanes. Inevitably, in going about our daily lives - commuting, sheltering our families, eating - each of us contributes to the greenhouse gas emissions that are causing climate change. Yet, there are many things each of us, as individuals, can do to reduce our carbon emissions.

You've probably heard of the Ecological Footprint - the metric that allows us to calculate human pressure on the planet and come up with the CO2 emission we are contributing in our daily life.  Access the external links to the right for more information and to estimate how much annual carbon dioxide results from your day-to-day activities and help us reduce carbon emission and make a difference.

Current Plans and Projects of the Environmental Commission:

  • Natural Resource Inventory
  • Conservation Master Plan for the Upper Passaic River Riparian Conservation Project
  • Charter Day Participation
  • Review and Provide Comment on Development Applications going before the Board of Adjustment or Planning Boards
  • Participate in proposing and revising environmentally sensitive ordinances
  • Special School Projects / Contests / Grants

The Environmental Commission offers a  "Tip of the Week" to promote environmentally friendly actions that can be taken at home and in the community. If you have a specific action that you have taken to better the planet and you would like us to consider promoting it as the tip of the week, please contact:  dpdewitt01@gmail.com


"I just found out I have a conservation easement on my property."

What does that mean to you as an owner of a conservation easement?
A conservation easement is an area of your land that can't be developed. Conservation easements preserve plant and wildlife habitats and protect environmentally sensitive areas such as waterways, wetlands, wetland transition areas, steep slopes, streams, and stream buffer areas.

For more information on conservation easements:

Download Conservation Easement Do's and Don'ts

Download Conservation Easements: What They Are and Why They are Important

View the US EPA Fact Sheet on Conservation Easements