Construction Permit Applications On - Line

Please read all instructions carefully.


Follow the instructions for zoning payments and items that are sealed and need to be submitted to the office.


Q: What types of permits can I apply for online? 

A: Some of the most frequently requested residential Construction Permits can be applied for online i.e., HVAC, Water Heater, Deck, Tank Removals, Sheds, Generators, Water Heaters, Kitchen & Bath Remodels, etc.

If you do not see your work type you will need to submit a paper application.

Q: What if my plans or documents are sealed? 

A: You can still start the process online, after submitting your application online you can either mail or drop off the sealed copies to be added to your file. We need 1 copy of any Subcode Technical Sections that are signed & sealed by the contractor and 2 copies of plans that are signed and sealed by a design professional.

Q: Why should I apply online if I must submit paper copies anyway? 

A: It saves you time! We can start processing your application if you submit a complete online application while we wait for your signed & sealed copies to arrive, once we receive the items needed to issue your permit you will be notified your permit is ready to be issued.

Q: Can I still submit online if there is a Zoning Fee due? 

A: Submit your online application and then forward your Zoning Payment to our office via mail or drop off. We are working to get a payment source set up for online payments, stay tuned! 


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