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utility advisory task force

Resolution #2020-0297

Establishment of a Utility Advisory Task Force

WHEREAS, residents of Bernards Township have voiced the need for the Bernards Township Committee to advocate on their behalf regarding communication from and services provided by utility providers, including, but not limited to those utilities providing electric, internet and water; and

WHEREAS, the providing of these services is essential to the safety, well-being, and livelihood of Bernards Township residents, especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic when many residents have used their residences as workplaces and schools; and

WHEREAS, the Bernards Township Committee desires to be proactive in working with the Township’s utility providers to identify causes of outages or other disruption of services so as to reduce our vulnerability of same in the future, to identify service deficits and/or need for upgrades and to optimize communication between the utilities and its customers;

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Bernards Township Committee, County of Somerset, State of New Jersey as follows:

  • The Township Committee hereby authorizes the appointment of a Township Committee Utility Liaison;
  • The Township Committee hereby further authorizes the establishment of a Utility Advisory Task Force consisting of up to 8 members of the public, the Township Committee Utility Liaison, a member of Office of Emergency Management, and the Township Administrator;
  • The mission of the Utility Task Force is to assess the level of communication and service from the utility companies providing services to Bernards Township, identify areas of concern and in need of improvement, suggest ways to collect and report chronic outages and disruptions, facilitate and/or coordinate resident feedback to the Board of Public Utilities, and represent Bernards Township customers before the BPU when appropriate.
  • The Utility Task Force will and report their findings and recommendations to the Township Committee no later than 06/30/21.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, the Township Committee Utility Liaison and Bernards Township Utility Task Force will organize immediately upon its appointment by all members of the Township Committee.

Agenda Date and Vote:          09/29/2020