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Snow Removal

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Few public works activities are as visible as cleaning streets of snow and ice and ensuring safe roadway conditions for vehicles and pedestrians. Not only is this activity visible but also it produces a practical benefit. A 1992 study by Marquette University concluded, "88.3% of all injury accidents during winter storms can be avoided simply by deicing roadways".

With this in mind, the Bernards Township Committee in 1992 adopted its Emergency Plan for Ice Control and Snow Removal. This was updated in 1997 along with the Department of Public Works Snow Plowing & Ice Control Operations and Procedures Manual.

Our goal is simply to provide safe pavement by cleaning all snow and ice as soon as possible during and after storms. Some of the benefits of this high maintenance standard are:

  • Traffic keeps moving.
  • Business and peoples daily routines are minimally affected.
  • There are fewer accidents and injuries.
  • Emergency vehicles get through.

We attempt to accomplish our goal by a proactive approach to anticipating conditions, rapid response and full use of appropriate equipment, material and methods. Routes are set up geographically with priority set on high volume streets, intersections, slopes and other problematic areas. Deicers, primarily salt, are used regularly in a sensible application. At times other environmentally safe additives are used to enhance the deicing ability of salt at lower temperatures.

If you have any questions, please email us or call 908-204-3084 during regular business hours. During storms you may leave a message at 908-204-3087. Extreme emergencies such as accidents, injuries requiring medical attention or imminent hazards may be reported by dialing 911.