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  • Q:When is the Pill Hill Recycling/Disposal Center open?
  • A:Saturdays 8AM to 4PM November through March; 8AM to 5PM April through October. Sundays 12PM to 4PM April, May, June, October and November.
  • Q:Where do we get a permit punch card for access to the Pill Hill facility?
  • A:Pick-up permit punch card at the Engineering Services Building, 277 South Maple Avenue, Basking Ridge section of Bernards Township, Monday through Friday 8:00AM to 3:30PM.
  • Q:What materials are we allowed to dispose of at the Pill Hill facility?
  • A:Leaves, brush (no grass clippings). Normal bulky household items; old furniture, appliances, toys, lawnmowers, bicycles, etc. You will receive detailed information on a "Rules and Regulations Sheet" when you receive your ID card with reference to operating schedule, vegetative wastes, bulky household items and a list of items not accepted.
  • Q:Where is the Pill Recycling Center?
  • A:On Pill Hill Road, which runs between Mt. Airy Road and Meeker Road. Maps with directions to the Center are available in the Engineering Services building or when you pick-up a card.
  • Q:I have several large items to dispose of at Pill Hill and they won't fit in my vehicle, can I use a friend's vehicle?
  • A:Yes, but no commercial vehicles are allowed entrance into Pill Hill except those registered to a resident of Bernards Township.
  • Q:Are wood chips available?
  • A:When wood chips are available they are stockpiled and can be picked-up at the Pill Hill Recycling Center; best availability would be in the Fall.
  • Q:What can I do with my Christmas tree?
  • A:Christmas trees may be dropped-off at the Pill Hill Recycling Center.
  • Q:When is the next "Hazardous Waste Disposal Day"?
  • A:Hazardous Waste Disposal days are held six times per year at various locations throughout Somerset County. April (Public Works Building, 277 S. Maple Avenue, Basking Ridge) May, June, August & October. They are usually held on a Saturday from 9AM to 2PM. Exact dates and directions are published in the Courier News and Bernardsville News one to two weeks prior. Brochures with a list of materials that may be dropped off are available at your Public Works office.
  • Q:Where do I pick-up a blue recycling bucket?
  • A:Buckets may be picked-up at 277 S. Maple Avenue, Basking Ridge section of Bernards Township (across from Lord Stirling Park & Stables) Monday through Friday, 8:00AM to 3:30PM.
  • Q:What day is my recycling picked-up?
  • A:Recycling is picked-up curbside at each residence every other Monday; the Hills section is every other Tuesday. Recycling schedules are dropped-off at each residence by Somerset County Recycling. Schedules are also available at the Public Works Department.
  • Q:What do I recycle and what do I do with newspapers & cardboard?
  • A:Glass & plastic bottles, steel, bimetal & aluminum cans go in the blue bucket, newspaper & corrugated cardboard must be bundled and tied with string (cardboard in squares of 2ftx2ft) and placed next to the blue bucket. Please note that included in the recycling schedules distributed by Somerset County Recycling are the easy-to-follow recycling instructions on "how to prepare" and "acceptable items".
  • Q:What do we do with extra recycling when one or more recycling days have been missed?
  • A:The Somerset County Recycling Center is open the 1st Saturday of each month from 8AM to 12 Noon. It is located at 40 Polhemus Lane, Bridgewater, NJ. Questions? Call 908-231-7109
  • Q:Do I drop-off leftover paint on the "Household Hazardous Waste
    Disposal Day"?
  • A:Only solvent/oil-based paint can be disposed of on the "Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Day". Dry (evaporate) leftover latex/water based paints and discard in normal trash; if cans are emptied and clean place in recycling bucket. Always buy only what is needed and use-up or donate leftover paint.
  • Q:How do I arrange for my garbage disposal and what days is it picked-up?
  • A:Garbage disposal is by private garbage collection companies. Bernards Township does not have a municipal pick-up. Some companies working in the Township are: Midco Companies-800-273-7539; K.W.S.-908-903-9031;
    Raritan Valley-908-534-4004; Pinto Disposal-908-561-8231.
  • Q:How do I contact the Public Works Department?
  • A:Phone 908-204-3084, email