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Police - Patrol Division

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Lieutenant Mike Sweeney
Commanding Officer

The Patrol Division is the largest police division and is responsible for the performance of all primary police tasks. In Bernards Township, patrol officers are assigned to a designated section of the Township in a marked vehicle to preserve law and order. Some examples of a patrol officer's tasks are to prevent and discover the commission of a crime direct traffic and to enforce motor vehicle operation, parking regulations and criminal laws; to answer calls and complaints involving first aid calls, motor vehicle accidents, and various types of criminal activities; to conduct preliminary investigations, gather evidence, make arrests and transport prisoners to and from jail; provide testimony in court; to complete all reports as required; and to accept assignment to work in a variety of specialized units within the Department. The patrol officer is under the direct supervision of the Patrol Sergeant and Patrol Corporal.

The Patrol Sergeant provides direct supervision to patrol officers, serves as a backup unit and carries out the duties of the officer in charge. Other responsibilities of the Patrol Sergeant include supervising an assigned squad of officers; to direct, review and coordinate the work of personnel assigned to his/her squad; to instruct subordinate officers and civilian personnel as to work assignments and procedures in patrol, investigations, traffic or other assigned areas; to supervise and participate in criminal investigations; to receive complaints or reports of emergencies; and determine need for action and direct subordinates in handling difficult problems. The Patrol Sergeant is the first line of supervision within the Department and answers to the Patrol Lieutenant