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Departments & Services

Police - Detective Division

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Lieutenant Jon Burger
Commanding Officer

The function of the Detective Division is to investigate crimes, suspicious incidents and missing persons, concerning both juveniles and adults. Other peripheral duties include assisting patrol officers in the performance of their duties when needed, with such activities as transporting prisoners; to photograph motor vehicle accident scenes; to prepare drug and other evidence for submittal to various forensic laboratories; to take civilian fingerprints; to prepare indictable arrest cases for submittal to the Somerset County Prosecutor's Office for prosecution in Superior Court, and the handling of all juvenile cases.

When investigating a crime or incident a detective must perform many of the following functions: to speak with victim(s); to speak with witness(es); to interview/interrogate suspect(s) within the parameters of the law; to photograph the scene; to examine the scene for evidence including latent and microscopic evidence; to collect any evidence; to properly package and label evidence; to examine evidence through chemical and other processes and attempt to connect a suspect; to package evidence for forensic laboratory; to take formal tape recorded statements from suspect(s), victim(s), and/or witness(es); to take elimination fingerprints from victims; to apply for, obtain, and execute court orders, search warrants, grand jury subpoenas, and court subpoenas if needed; to obtain assistance from outside agencies when necessary; to maintain an accurate report of activities pertaining to the investigation; to conduct surveillance of suspect(s); to contact and work with other police agencies investigating similar crimes; and ultimately produce a detailed investigative record.