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All internal and external Job Postings are available for review on the Township Job Posting Bulletin Board in Town Hall. Per Township policy, Job Postings are available for review for a minimum of eight working days.

Important Notice Regarding Post-Retirement Employment Restrictions for Individuals Covered by any New Jersey State-administered Retirement System

The State has criteria regarding retiree re-employment to ensure compliance with the Internal Revenue Code. NJ State-administered retirement systems do not permit the payment of retirement benefits without a severance from public employment. Bernards Township is required to submit a Notification of Employment after Retirement form within fifteen calendar days of the date of hire for any individual who is retired from one of the New Jersey State-administered retirement systems. The notification form will be reviewed by the Division to determine if the returning retiree can continue to receive retirement benefits while re-employed, or if the retirement must be canceled and the employee enrolled in the same or another retirement system. Information from the State can be found using this link: