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Environmental Responsibility

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Although Bernards Township has always kept nature and conservation top-of-mind, in 2007 we formalized our commitment to environmental responsibility by establishing the "Green Team" Advisory Committee. A cooperative effort of municipal department, commission and citizen representatives was launched to evaluate current municipal operations, make recommendations for improvement, and most importantly, implement initiatives that will benefit Bernards Township in the present and future.

The "Green Team" immediately identified areas which could be improved in a cost-effective fashion. Traffic lights and exit signs in municipal buildings were changed to LED (which uses 90% less energy than incandescent lights) and two new hybrid vehicles were purchased.

Since then, strategies and best practices for "going green" have been determined in the areas of energy, transportation, municipal planning and design, resource protection and operations.

Bernards Township believes through education and awareness by projects such as the Community Wildlife Habitat Project, municipal government and residents can work together to enhance and retain the high quality of life in Bernards Township.

Bernards Township Green Team Advisory Committee

The mission of the "Green Team" is to advise the Bernards Township Committee on ways to save tax dollars, assure clean air and water, and improve working and living environments to build a community that is sustainable economically, environmentally and socially; a community which would thrive well into the new century.

Visit the "Green Team" website for more information.

Bernards Township Environmental Commission

The Bernards Township Environmental Commission is responsible for insuring that environmental issues in Bernards Township are given the right priority in order to protect and preserve natural resources of the town and surrounding areas.

Visit the Environmental Commission page to learn more about environmental issues and concerns, Bernards Township "green" plans and projects, and how you can help preserve the natural beauty of our town for future generations.

Conservation Tips

Learn how to save money and help with climate stabilization efforts-
all at the same time.

Download Conservation Tips (PDF).